Dr. Eric Donnenfeld Is Sued For LASIK Malpractice

On July 12, 2013, William Freely filed a complaint against Eric D. Donnernfeld, M.D. and his practice, for the negligent performance of LASIK surgery. The complaint contends that Dr. Donnenfeld’s negligence left Mr. Freely visualy disabled.

Doctors Continue Arguing Against LASIK

Wednesday December 28, 2011 The Laser Surgery Battle Begins We’ve always promised to give you updates on our stories whenever they come about. Awhile back, we wrote an Undercoverarticle about the problems with Lasik eye surgery. If you read it, you know that we were able to interview the chief man at the FDA who […]

LASIK Racketeers

TLC was once the largest laser eye facility in the United States. Its parent corporation’s stock traded on the New York Stock Exchange, until it recently went bankrupt. 60 patients in South Carolina, who developed post-LASIK ectasia, filed a class action lawsuit.

Dr. Owczarek Sued For LASIK Surgery Malpractice

On September 3, 2011, Thomas Baird filed a complaint against Frank R. Owczarek, M.D., and
Eye Care of Delaware, LLC, in
the Superior Court of the State of
Delaware, for the negligent performance of LASIK surgery.