Title IX Remedies For Student-On-Student Sexual Assualt

The headlines are replete with allegations of sexual assault perpetrated by college athletes on fellow students. The alleged perpetrators include recent Super Bowl MVP Peyton Manning, during his time at the University of Tennessee; Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston, during his time at Florida State;the captain of this year’s Ivy League champion Yale basketball team; a student athlete at Stanford; and members of the Baylor University football team, to name just a few.

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In the News

The Journal News (Westchester, New York) published Todd J. Krouner’s letter to editor concerning teacher/student sexual abuse.

The letter concerned his experience from representing two 15-year-old special education boys who were raped by their female teacher. See the letter.

Whistleblower Case Covered in the New York Law Journal

Kolchinsky v. Moody’s Corp. Made It To The News
Eric Kolchinsky’s retaliation claim against Moody’s Corp. was reported as a “Decision of Interest” in the New York Law Journal, on March 9, 2012.

The Law Journal reported that Mr. Kolchinsky’s Sarbanes-Oxley retaliation claim survived, based on his allegations on “unfavorable personnel action,” rejecting Moody’s argument that suspension with pay was not an adverse action.  A copy of the article is available here.

Article Written by Mr. Krouner in the New York Law Journal

LASIK Eye Surgery: Litigation Challenges and Issues – LASIK eye surgery is one of the most common forms of surgery in the United States. The overwhelming majority of patients are satisfied. However, for those who suffer complications, the resulting visual disability can be life altering. This article examines the common bases of liability in LASIK litigation.
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Todd J. Krouner Is Quoted in Chinese Press

Todd J. Krouner is quoted in the February 23, 2012 Chinese “Southern Weekly” article raising new concerns about the safety of LASIK surgery.  Please click here for a copy of the article.

For Mr. Krouner’s related blog “New Questions About LASIK Safety,” please click here.